Sunday, October 13, 2013

    I have been away from the blog for too long. My guess is it is because my thoughts have not been focused. My mind has been here, there and everywhere and sometimes I just couldn't find mind or the words.
   This summer has been full of reunions, high school, middle school and family reunions. It was great to see those from high school and middle school.
      I enjoyed the Wilcox reunion as well as the Hook-Brown reunion. It is always great to see family and share memories.
   Reunions are also a great reminder of how time slips by too fast. Too often we get mired in the day to day routines of our lives and forget to enjoy the small things in life and the people that have impacted our lives.
   The great thing about reunions is that it allows us to connect, reconnect and rekindle relationships that always stay with us.
    I have stayed away from the blog for other reasons as well. I like my messages to be upbeat and thought provoking. I have seen so many negative things in the past several months that I would have found myself giving lectures on many things and that is not my style.
   Did you know that October 15th is White Cane Safety Day? Just thought I would share that before I share a white cane story with you from a few weeks ago. It also touches on the subject of relationships...ok...more specifically dating.
   Friday night, I met with some friends that I went to school with over 35 years ago. That went fine. Then I had a date…dating is always hard but it is really tough when you are visually impaired.
We decide to join some other friends. We all met for dinner and cocktails. If you have been to my house you know that I have a large screen TV with a magnifier attached to it. We get to the restaurant and he is absolutely SHOCKED that I cannot read the menu. Now he had been at my house not more than a half an hour before and saw the TV and even asked about the magnifier and of course I explained to him that I could not see the TV without it. I guess you cannot make the deduction that if a person cannot see a 50 inch TV that a menu may not be legible.
   Sometimes I use a video magnifier but sometimes I leave that at work where I use it constantly. (I still have a difficult time packing for work---I carry enough stuff that you would think I am going on a weekend get-a-way). My friends are all used to it.
He decided that he would order for me because after all, if I could not read the menu, how could I possibly know what I wanted to eat? Did that mean I was indecisive or brain dead? Of course I stopped him.

  Dating and relationships are hard for everyone. You would think it might get a bit easier as we get older but that is not the case. If anything, it gets more difficult. Not quite sure why it is not simple.
  Sunday, I just felt like doing something crazy. I walked up over the overpass with my white cane. Now I am sure the view at the top shows several city blocks and it was kind of freeing even with all of the traffic. A few cars stopped and asked what I was doing. I told them I just felt like being up in the air and I walked on concrete that had some semblance of a sidewalk. There were no signs that said no bicycles or pedestrians.
  Some asked me how I got around, I told them when I was not riding my V8 double engine, post-menopausal broom that I drifted around with my magic white cane and climbed mountains. One person asked me if I knew where I was, I said why are you lost? We all found humor in the conversations and laughed a bit. 
   Sunday night I made dinner and because my son loves fruit we had pears for dessert. The boy never questioned a thing. I gave him what I thought was pears in heavy syrup. After he ate the entire bowl, he said that the whole white potatoes were really good even though they were cold. He did not even mention that that made the meal a two potato meal. So the next night I made a cake. :)

   I am struggling a little more off and on with my vision but I have gotten some great laughs from it. I also have the opportunity to share some of them with you as well as others in similar situations. All of my visually impaired friends have a great sense of humor.
   Onto another note...I am very happy to see that Marion and the surrounding communities are supporting so many causes;  whether it is breast cancer awareness, education or fundraisers for those in need.  It is great to see the community come together and offer their love and support.
   Until the next inkdrop flows....