Sunday, September 14, 2014

Amy Bovaird, Author - "Mobility Matters"

I know it has been awhile since I have posted to the blog. I am behind. I have written many posts but have not published them yet, but I will soon.
Today, I want to just focus on what is timely and exciting.

My friend and author Amy Bovaird, is allowing me to share with you her upbeat inspiring story and tidbits from her new book "Mobility Matters" 

The tentative release date of Amy's book is September 25th and the Launch Date is October 12th.  At some point in the near future the books should be available in an audio format.

I was one of the fortunate ones that had the opportunity to review Amy's book.

"Mobility Matters" is not only an inspirational faith-filled journey of coping with the loss of sight and hearing, but the triumphant arrival of independence and the rebirth of new vision.

There were many things I could relate to from denial to cane shame. This is a great read for the visually impaired and those that want to learn more about the visually impaired. I appreciate the humor
and insight the book offers its readers. There is a take-away for anyone who reads this book 
There is so much more I could say. Amy, thank you
for sharing your book with me!  

Meet Amy! Be sure to check out her website!

Stop by Amy's website at  and learn more about her and her adventures. If you want you can also go to and learn more about the book or download a sample chapter!

Amy will also have autographed books available. Please see website for details

I am also working on a new page for Unsung Heroes that offers us all the opportunity to thank all of those that help others. Many go unnoticed and they provide us so much. 

Until next time