Saturday, January 18, 2014

Love, Inspire, Encourage and Name the Cane!

Those that know me well know that I love to post about the positives in life. We all need to lift each other up. I thoroughly enjoyed being a participant in Amber Stone Cameron's RWOE#14. If you are not sure what that is, please send me a private message and I will do my best to explain it to you. It was awe inspiring to see those messages around my community. I look forward to next year's event!

I am still trying to win the magnifier for Noah. He is 7 and is struggling with vision loss. I saw him this week. He is truly amazing and entertaining. That boy always makes me smile. He draws me pictures which I proudly hang in my cubicle at work and when there is enough, he and I are going to write a book. He is bubbly and very loving. The world is still a wonder to him and it is beautiful to see it through his eyes.

Noah and I talked about Valentine's Day. He is quite the catch for most little girls. He was sharing some of his girlfriend experiences with me. I had a smile in my heart from his stories that lasted the rest of the day. He is also diabetic. I gave him some heart suckers for his many girlfriends. Of course he has to have his carb count checked before he can have any suckers. Please continue to like my comment on this link so we can win this magnifier for Little Noah.!/photo.php?fbid=559085070840465&set=a.341095785972729.80640.296358023779839&type=1&theater
All you have to do is like my comment about what I would do if I won the magnifier. I know that Noah is still in the running. Zoomax holds several contests a year and I know some of the people who have benefited from their technology.

Anyone ever notice that I ramble from one subject to another? That is how my mind works. I am not trying to tell you that it is a good thing but it does keep me entertained.

Things are changing in my life...I would imagine in all of our lives. I know many people that are struggling to overcome grief, illness, relationship issues and life's usual ups and downs. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. My mind never stops. I have been looking for the elusive off switch for years.

I am going to share a story with you from last Sunday. I belong to a C-Group at church and we meet every other Sunday at 6pm. Around 5:30 pm, my seventeen year old son comes up to me and says, "Mom, I have something to tell you, that I don't want to tell you." Of course, my heart dropped to my feet for a few frantic moments and then I prepared myself for the news.

I am so glad that I did not overreact. My son said "Mom, I changed the lightbulb in your bedroom" Of course I thanked him and then he went on to tell me that it had been out for weeks. I said ok. He then asked me if I was trying to conserve energy. Of course we should all try to conserve energy, but somehow I knew this was not where the conversation was going.  I said not more than usual and then he went on to tell me that the house was practically pitch black...there were five other light bulbs out and three were in the living room. He was concerned because I did not notice. I did not really have a good response at that moment for him. I told him he could change them.

Suddenly, it all began to make sense. One of my friends came to pick me up earlier in the week and she called when she was in the driveway. She called to make sure I was home. That seemed a bit odd to me and a coworker said to me, is that boy of yours ever home? They questioned these things because from the street my house was pitch black.  This all came to me as I was walking to the church.

The meeting went well and I whipped out my cane and started walking home. I had a lot on my mind. I was thinking how hard it must have been for Andy to tell me that I had not noticed the darkness. The darkness did not bother me exactly, but the impact it had on him did! I was thinking about how I was going to handle that when I got home but I kept getting distracted because I felt like someone was following me in a car. I am not a timid person. I could hear the car creeping along but when I tried to see all I could see was the glare from two headlights that looked like a white out. I sensed that they knew that I knew that I was being followed and they turned around and drove off, then when I got closer to my house it appeared that a car was idling in front of my house, its headlights again blinding me, again as I got closer it turned around and drove off. I would think about that later, but first I had to talk to my son.

Well, when I walked through the door it was blinding. Huge amounts of light in the living room since I had just come in from the darkness outside. I knew he was watching me so I went into the my room and changed into shorts and a tank top and went in the living room and sprawled out on the sofa. Of course he asked what I was doing, I told him I was getting a tan and that seemed to be all it took to dissipate the tension.

A couple of people at work seemed to notice a change too and can I tell you how much it amuses me to be studied like I am under a microscope. Just talk to me if you question something. I am using my cane more...not always...but more. I think it is time that I gave it a name besides albatross. Will take suggestions. Post some names for me or send me a private message.

A good friend came to town last night we shared a few laughs and had a great dinner. Marion misses Joey Sink-Oiler as much as she misses Marion. Glad she had a good time. I have another friend celebrating her 50th birthday ( Lois Miller) this weekend. Would love to help her celebrate and will if I can.

I also received a private message from my dear friend Carolyn Thompson Chute. It is precious and a great reminder of how our childhood friends stay with us. Did you know that if you have a friend for seven years you are usually friends for life. I AM SO RICHLY BLESSED!

I have the greatest friends...many are my family. I have been friends with many since my childhood, Cathy, Shirley, Carolyn and many more. God has blessed me with a great group of friends I hang with on a regular basis-Kat, Missy, Pilar, Brad, Beth, Brenda and many more and then there are my newer friends like Quincy, Janice, Jessica, Sarah, Amanda, Tamby, Rob and Wendy who all share the blind crazy train with me and offer great humor and inspiration. I have the cackling hens, and the lunch ladies-half of which helped raise me, lol. Of course I have great family too. I cannot begin to list all of the great friends I have. I know that I am blessed! If THERE IS SO MUCH SUNSHNE IN THE DARKNESS!

I have been writing more poetry lately. It always comes in phases.

After my last post, I asked for everyone's favorite memories from 2013. I am still waiting to hear them. I did receive one from Steve Messenger about our trip to the Beachfront. I have fond memories with Steve and the girls here but would love to hear from more of you for my next post.

Until next time...keep loving one another. Don't forget to learn and inspire each other!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Peace, Love and Happiness!

   Happy New Year Everyone! I hope the new year brings you peace, love and happiness!
  Emptied my Memory/Thought Jar today. Billows of confetti-like strips grace my desk. So many things to be grateful for. I am abundantly blessed!
  Great memories of times shared with Cathy, Joey, Kathy, Missy, Brenda, Beth, Lois, Marcela, Maria, Brad, Bobby, Libby and  many others.
  Enjoyed some great lunches, memories and laughs with Carol, Bev Shane, Bev Sisler, Nancy, Sharon and others.
  30 Year High School Reunion! Family Reunions! Fellowship, companionship and so much more.
  Fantastic birthday celebrations with friends and family. Enjoyed wild times with the Cackling Hens...and you know who you are!
  A moment of pride and son's graduation.
  My first game of pool with a white cane cue stick. My new and old friends that all ride the crazy train...with me!
  Precious words of encouragement. Sweeter memories with friends. I could go on and on.
   Love the memories in this jar and look forward to the memories I will be placing in the new one.
   I ended the year by finishing a series of poetry that I struggled with finding a way to finish. Next project is already underway. 
   My goals for this year are fairly simple...remind myself and others to enjoy life and to love one another; find something positive every single day; learn something new each day; offer daily words of encouragement; give a little more and love a lot! Write more blog posts.
  Next adventures: Sculpting blindfolded, participating in Random Words of Kindness, winning a video magnifier for Noah, walking on the beach, skydiving and making even more great memories with families and friends.