Monday, July 30, 2012

     Ok, I promised to share one of my stalker stories. I actually have two. There is only one person that I am friends with that will know about both of these stories. She shared these adventures with me. My cousin will remember the second stalker.
    For those that don't know it, I lived in Massachusetts for about 9 years, first when I was very young and then again after I turned 18.
    My first job was at The Exchange Network. I met most of my new friends there. Tracy was one of them. We began to hang out and do things. Eventually we  began a ritual of walking around the Reservoir in Lawrence, MA.  We knew approximately how many laps made a mile. It was common for us to walk and talk about the important things in life-relationships, school, work and of course food.
     As we were walking around the Res. I noticed this man was always watching us. He always stood back kind of far away. He wore this ugly...i mean extremely ugly orange hat. Sometimes I would wave...Tracy never said anything. (One of the reasons why I love her! She thought I was nuts and never said a word!)
    Those that know me well...know that I enjoy a good challenge and my God he could stand so still, even when it was cold. New England winters can be cold.
     One afternoon/evening I hollered at him and he did not even that was a little frustrating but of course that did not stop me. I walked toward him and I finally stood toe-to-toe and faced him. I think we were both speechless or at least I was. He was just mute. Our (my) stalker was a fencepost that's top was painted that nice flourescent orange that roadworkers wear. I choked that embarressment down...but oh...there were many more moments to come.
    Tracy never missed a beat and added humor to many situations. There was a time when some people believed that I could only see black and white-not sure where that came from but I loved it and it began my obcession with the realization that the most beautiful colors are different shades of gray. Only when we are small-minded are things black and white. Tracy has an open mind, beautiful spirit and a heart of gold. Now moving onto the second stalker.
    Stalker number two was real. He was an auxilary cop that I met while attending Northern Essex. I will share that story another time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heros-denial and humor

     A couple of days ago, I asked you who your heros are. I was disappointed with the number of responses that I received but I was not at all disappointed with the answers I did receive.
     Kathi Ferrall Moore said "My heroes are the missionaries serving Jesus all over the world. They sacrifice so much to spread the Good News. When we get to visit with them, either while they are on furlough or in the field, it's always exciting to hear what God has done for them with so little."
    That is a great response.
    My heros are the kids who are bullied on a regular basis who still have the courage to get up and go to school each day, even knowing the misery and torture that they will probably endure. One of my little heros is the young boy I met last month that had not one but two prosthetic legs. He was still happy and grateful to be allowed to play...the things we take for granted.
    I have another friend, who is fighting a battle with MS. She is strong! Actually she is absolutely amazing! Love ya Libs.
     Most of my heros are those that help others. There is nothing like uplifting another human being and although some have a knack at doing this, it is something that we are all capable of.
    I was on Facebook and found this post on my wall and promised to blog about it. I think there is a strong message here! I am working on it, lol.
    Another friend reminded me that technology has allowed most of us to become less personal in our relationships. Sometimes it cuts out the real conversations that we all need. For important things, face-to-face is best. We need to remember that we are all people with feelings...ok some have more than others.
     Did you know that guacomole looks alot like lettuce when it appears on a plate? Maybe it's a green thing. In closing, I will tell you that I once was a fence post but that is another story for another day.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Heros---who is yours?

     I have learned alot the last few days about people in general. Almost everyone I know is stronger than they think they are. When faced with sadness, heartbreak, unsurmountable challenges and even devastating losses that are unimaginable...most people will bounce back with a little time and understanding.
     These are the people that teach us life's lessons. They have the heart, determination and compassion to help others in ways they themselves do not even realize. These are the people that should be our heros, not the movie stars and celebrities.
    My life has become richer because of some of the heros I have met over the years. Many gained strength through their trials, but I grew stronger because of them.
    I could go on and on and before the week is over, I am sure I will. I want to hear about your hero's. Are they the military men and women who serve this country? Did you have a mentor? Who taught you with patience and understanding that the world is not black and white? Afterall, the most beautiful colors are shades of gray.
    Take a moment or two and tell me who your hero's are.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not sure why I started the blog

     I have been very fortunate all of my life. I never read a blackboard or film strip in school. My friends and classmates helped me because I was always in trouble because I couldn't see them and we would go around the room and take turns reading out loud. I could not have played sports if my teammates at Taft did not help me memorize the eye charts. I learned then that it was something that I should hide.
     My world opened up a bit when I got contact lenses at 14. I saw my first fly.  For years I did everything I could do to hide my vision problem. I got by for years. I was in college before I needed to do something about reading print. Of course I thought a new presription would fix the problem. Seemed simple enough, but within two weeks of seeing the opthamologist I received a strange letter. It was from the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind. They also sent me a nice little blindness certificate. I just didn't have the heart to frame it. I think someone was trying to tell me there was a little problem.
     Every few years I would notice that I lost a little more vision, but for the most part it was gradual and I adapted sometimes without knowing it.
     I have experienced more changes in my vision and I actually spoke to a vision counselor.
She needed to know about things I have a hard time doing. She needed at least 3. I told her reading would be nice. She asked me to give her more information about some of the things I struggled with, I had to remind myself that she was only referring to my vision or I could have given her an earful...I struggle with man's inhumanity to man, hierogliphics and the list goes on and on...but no she wanted to know more about the secret.
    I had a hard time with this...afterall...I worked so hard to hide it. She suggested that I talk to my friends about this and see what areas they thought I struggled in....boy, they told me...just kidding. I want to protect the guilty. One in my group of friends was very hesitant, afraid that I would be angry or upset because she said my biggest struggle was with DENIAL! You could have heard a pin drop.
     Apparently, I slipped up somewhere and things were becoming more noticable. I had never really thought about denial. I just considered myself stubborn. I was glad she had the guts to tell me what she thought. Part of me decided I had to face it...but I did not have to embrace it!
     That evening, I learned alot about myself and how others viewed me. I had failed in concealing all of those things I did so well for years. Curbs were becoming and issue, depth perception was interfering with my mobility and the list goes on.
     Since then I have learned that clear drinking glasses and straws are not my friend unless I enjoy constantly mopping the floor and cleaning my sinuses with a tubular piece of plastic, I can get around this easily with a few minor changes. You should not have Lysol, Raid and Hairspray in the bathroom at the same time or your hair may be germ free.
     Crushed red pepper and cinnamon may look similar but that is the only thing they have in common.  A fluffy dark t-shirt does not a cat what you pet! I could tell you more but I have to save some humor for later

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

         Those that know me...know that I am slightly crazy. Those that don't are always a little surprised to find out about my secret. I bet you are wondering what it is. I know how the imagination works...which is a great thing by the way. Now don't get excited...I am not having an affair or participating in illegal it is much more mundane and legal!
        I am legally blind, hence the title of the Blog Sightless Insight.
I wanted to keep track of my blind moments in moments of time and catalog them in humorous way. I also wanted to give others a chance to share their feelings.
        I am blessed with great friends who have been sharing this journey with me. I know it keeps them amused too! My goal is too add humor to daily life. No areas are off limits. I will also share my insights and philosophies on life in general too. Please feel free to comment or participate.
       Tomorrow I will tell you a story. Creating the Blog is enough for tonight.