Sunday, July 12, 2015

Freedom, Celebrations and the Writer's Corner

      I hope everyone enjoyed the Fourth of July. It is always a busy time for me. My son Andrew begins celebrating his birthday on the 3rd and it always trickles into the 4th. I spent part of the this year's holiday speculating on freedom and what it really means to our nation and to me personally. 

     This year's fireworks were special to me for many reasons as this year, I truly celebrated the freedom of the soul with a little encouragement from a good friend.

     I don't think we do enough celebrating. I think we can all find something to celebrate each day, if we just take a good look. If you are struggling to find something, let me remind you...that you got up this morning. Did you watch the sun rise? Spend time with those you love? Share a laugh or two with another? Have enough to eat? Starting today, I challenge you to celebrate those small miracles...because that is what they are...miracles.

                                                             In My World
     I am still writing a bit, working much and living life. I have faced some additional vision challenges that have kept me offline a bit but I have been working on some work arounds and should be back in full force soon. I am still testing some software and magnification devices for the visually impaired. I will share my findings with you as the research continues.

Other Happenings
     I had a great time enjoying time with family at my Aunt Mary's house for the annual cookout. It was a joy seeing those I rarely see and just a fun time of connection and reflection. The food was great and the company even better! I think we should shoot for getting together more often and I will be making suggestions for that. Life is short. 

I leave you with the Writer's Corner...until next time. Blessings!
The Writer's Corner
Featuring Poetess Candy Brown

I have loved poetry since high school. And through the years learned to appreciate how it heals the heart, fills the soul, and brings such joy, by the pure emotion that flows from it.
A banker by day, and mother of a teenage son, three step-children and three step-grandchildren. Candy enjoys spending lunch time setting by the Mississippi river and writing. 

The River (vignette)

by the river
   there are
   no expectations
               just passing moments
                       and breezes
                                         unwritten poetry

                                                    a fragile

by the river
                  my spirit stills
                      in serenity
                                                                             of what is
                                                                                         or was

eagles wing
               from branches,

                                  and I know
                                           they see me

                                                                    or perhaps ;

                           only see
                                              the river


time has not forgotten
                              it's continuance


                every stone
                                 along the way

and I wonder
               what time
                          has hidden...     beneath
                                                                the murky depth;

I wonder
              if time
                    will remember

metaphors whisper
                                              of simpler things

and suddenly
                   I long to dip my feet
                                          in the river

                                  maybe it
                                      of canoes,
                                           and dreams,,

of places
            it has been,
                                    and places
                                                    it will venture

but the voice
          I hear

                                                                                      of waves

© Candy Brown, a month ago

painting (Memory Point)

Summer's sweet music
is calling me near,
spirit stirs tranquil
in chorus I hear.

Spanish Moss cascade
in gentle repose,
eden-green notes
from the forest glen flows.

Cattail chords sway
on each slender blade,
alaudine breeze drifts
light over the glade.

Murmurs of native tongue
fall on the air,
I savor the moment
quite blissfully there.

Soothing and peaceful
beneath luscious shade,
stroking each air-brushed
ambrosial brocade.

Music surrounds us
within nature's song,
listful and wistful
as life floats along.

Summer's sweet music
serenely displayed,
soul hearkens tenderly
her serenade.

 © Candy Brown, 2 months ago

Love Came
~ Love came

between lungs breath
reaping frolic from dazzling smiles

a capricious gasp
not knowing the height or depth,
but drawing nearer
to its multitudinous thrills

~ Love came

voraciously plucking moonbeams
from the heart of night,
spilling the glowing garland of intoxication
upon each embrace

while the sparkling spheres
of heaven danced radiantly
igniting love's ardor
with each kiss

~ Love came

in moods and moans,
shivers and sighs,
tremulous touch
bearing no resistance

lighting the torch of purpose
within the spirit,
where avenues of loneliness
once existed

~ Love came

when least expected
singing melodious songs
out of tune
and didn't care

grasping imperfections
tossing them away,
oblivious to everything
but passion

© Candy Brown, 5 months ago


The Stallion And The Maid

It's there the earth sifts quietly
and crowds are far away,
she rides the misty trail of dreams
upon her chestnut bay.

Lithe sturdy limbs, he bears her on
no hoof, nor step, are swayed,
through forest glen where light winds blow
the stallion and the maid.

In carefree cadence strong and sure
to unknown paths they yearn,
unfettered by the cloistered world
they care not to return.

And cross the silv'ry winding stream
where greener paths are laid,
they ride with effervescent joy
the stallion and the maid.

My interview with friend and published Author
Michelle Anne Noonan Part 1

Q: How old were you when you began writing?

A: I wrote my first poem in Grade 1 about a fish. I continued to write poetry, the earliest stuff I have is done on a typewriter and I think I would have been perhaps 10. I read so much when i was young, i took part in the MS Readathon right throughout primary school and my favourite author was Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl too - oh and Hans Christian Andersen. 

Q: What inspired you to write?

A: I started to take writing seriously in high school, all of my friends loved my poetry and I would write for other people.  I wanted to be a journalist though at that point and was studying to become a classical pianist or actually a conductress. 

Q: What is your first pen?

A: My first pens to speak of are written to the titles of Cyndi Lauper songs, I started a
poetry book in 1987 when i was 14 years old and only put my special writes in there.
Q: What is your favorite piece of work

A:My favourite piece of work is, of course 'Sensual Whispers'. I orginally wrote most of the material in there during my 20s.  Until last year, I had no real desire to publish this material. I actually sent some of these poems in a booklet to said marine whilst he was in Iraq. This was the original reason I wrote it. I was completing a comprehensive writing course at the time and was madly in love with the guy I had met online, who is from New Hampshire and made it through the war, which is a good thing.

Q: Tell me what you would like others to know about you.

A: I am largely misunderstood, very open minded and I need a boyfriend, LMAO. I am secretive as I am a true Scorpio. Hence it was difficult for me to choose writing as a career.  I find it hard to share feelings and in person am very direct.I am not a snob! Despite being told several times now that I speak like I have a plum in my mouth, I am very down to earth and easy going.  For some reason, I get mistaken for all different types of nationalities, the most recent being trans-atlantan! Now I thought that was an airline... 

I am in actual fact so Aussie, it hurts... I rode motorbikes and grew up as a tomboy at heart.

Please stop by Mishy's website to learn more about her life as a poet, author and Australian.

Below you will find a link to her first book,

"Sensual Whispers" 

It is available in paperback and Kindle editions.