Saturday, December 1, 2012

Candy Canes, White Canes, Friends & More!

I had a dream awhile back that I did not quite understand. Sometimes dreams work that way. I dreamt I was walking down the street using a Candy Cane. I am not particulary fond of Candy Canes or mint for that matter but I also knew that this wasn't your typical sweet dream....why? Because I remembered it!
Dreaming about walking with a candy cane is silly but when it rained the red stripes washed off in a puddle around my feet and then I understood.
A couple of days later I received a call from John. John is my orientation and mobility instructor. His job is to teach me how to stay mobile with my vision loss and how to make the most of my useful vision. His gift to me was a white cane with a rolling marshmallow tip.
The truth is that I looked at that cane as an Albatross around my neck. Afterall, I have gotten by without it forever.
John is a patient, encouraging man. He walked with me in the dark with a white cane to work and back. Low lighting, cracks in the sidewalk, bad sidewalks, curbs and traffic have not always been my friend. John did keep me from slamming into a street sign that was face level.
My cane has a rolling tip so it glides easily along until I hit something.
Forcing myself to practice with it before my next class will be hard but I will get around to it.
Speaking about hard things...this is a very hard time of year for many people. Please pull out some extra compassion, kindness and patience for others.
I know people who are struggling with loss, grief, loneliness, physical and emotional problems. Stress is not anyone's friend.
I have a friend struggling everyday with  Cancer, some are fighting with MS, another is battling her issues with the loss of independence due to MD.
My father just had bypass surgery. It was fairly successful and he is on the road to recovery.
I am very fortunate and have gotten through some very stressful times lately with the love, help and support of my friends and God.
Until Next time

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