Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Peace, Love and Happiness!

   Happy New Year Everyone! I hope the new year brings you peace, love and happiness!
  Emptied my Memory/Thought Jar today. Billows of confetti-like strips grace my desk. So many things to be grateful for. I am abundantly blessed!
  Great memories of times shared with Cathy, Joey, Kathy, Missy, Brenda, Beth, Lois, Marcela, Maria, Brad, Bobby, Libby and  many others.
  Enjoyed some great lunches, memories and laughs with Carol, Bev Shane, Bev Sisler, Nancy, Sharon and others.
  30 Year High School Reunion! Family Reunions! Fellowship, companionship and so much more.
  Fantastic birthday celebrations with friends and family. Enjoyed wild times with the Cackling Hens...and you know who you are!
  A moment of pride and son's graduation.
  My first game of pool with a white cane cue stick. My new and old friends that all ride the crazy train...with me!
  Precious words of encouragement. Sweeter memories with friends. I could go on and on.
   Love the memories in this jar and look forward to the memories I will be placing in the new one.
   I ended the year by finishing a series of poetry that I struggled with finding a way to finish. Next project is already underway. 
   My goals for this year are fairly simple...remind myself and others to enjoy life and to love one another; find something positive every single day; learn something new each day; offer daily words of encouragement; give a little more and love a lot! Write more blog posts.
  Next adventures: Sculpting blindfolded, participating in Random Words of Kindness, winning a video magnifier for Noah, walking on the beach, skydiving and making even more great memories with families and friends.    


  1. Cheryl, what wonderful goals and adventures you're planning for this year! Sculpting blindfolded sounds like one I'd like as well as skydiving. I thought I was being brave para-sailing. That was so long ago...I love the idea of a memory jar with strips of papers recounting blessings! What a positive way to end one year and start another. I'm going to do that. =) Have a great day! Amy

  2. Amy, thank you so much for the positive feedback. I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your travels, experiences and adventures. Enjoy the weekend! Cheryl