Saturday, February 22, 2014

Puddles, Muddles and Wet Socks

     This month's adventures have kept me busy and amused. As you know by now, it doesn't take much. If we try hard enough I think we can all find something to reflect on each day.

     Most of us around here are a little sick of Winter. He has not been overly friendly this year...but he has made himself known, even in Florida.

     This year we have had temperatures so low that they have surpassed the temps at the most northern point of Alaska.

     Of course we have had snow, record breaking snowfall throughout the country. I see that we are now enjoying water and flooding but the temperatures are warmer, well at least until we see that Polar Vortex that is coming our way. Michigan seems to be reeling in the aftermath from their latest storm. 

     I spent the last few days walking around puddles.
I have to confess, I would rather be cold than have wet feet. There is something about it that I just cannot stand. I hate it so much that I keep dry socks at work and in my purse. This leads me to one of my latest adventures.

     I get up fairly early most mornings. Slacker is my alarm clock and when I am lucky he lets me sleep until about 5 thirty am, if I scold him he lets me rest for about 5 additional minutes. This was the case on Tuesday.

    I got up and fed the felines and headed for the coffee pot. I love that first cup or two of coffee in the morning when the house is completely silent and I reflect for a bit and get the day's game plan in order, at least mentally.

    As I was looking around, I saw it...there it was in plain sight...a puddle of liquid resting comfortably on my hardwood floor. What was it? Where did it come from? Why was it there?

     I walked over to it and around it, I did not want to get my feet wet! I thought I should get that boy of mine up and ask him why he made a mess and didn't clean it up. I could just picture his response too, "Mom, you love your new floor cleaner and I was going to clean it up but I was in the middle of a video game and I forgot."

     I sat back down and finished my coffee and then I went to get the mop. I came back to clean up the puddle and that is when it began...yes the new insanity! I pushed that mop through that puddle 10 or 15 times and it was still there. I knelt down and touched it with my hand...because I am NOT going to get my feet wet. It was not wet. It was a shadow.

     I am glad that I did not wake Andrew up to clean up his mess. I am more than certain that he is glad that I didn't. He suffers enough.

     I now spend my mornings chasing shadows.  On  a good note they seem to respect my love of quiet in the morning.

     Well, we did not win the Video Magnifier for Noah, but certainly not because of lack of effort. I cannot thank you all enough for your votes and support. Don't worry, I have another idea. That little guy will get his magnifier!

     Ok, so I named the cane...Stevie Patron, the Peace Keeping Momentary Wonder Cane. If I am in a good mood he goes by Stevie, otherwise he is known as Patron. He was addressed as Patron recently because he didn't see the glass of water either.

     I enjoyed lunch with the Star Lunch Ladies and Book Club. We meet for lunch once a month and talk about the book we read and select a new one.  Does anyone have any suggestions? Have you read anything good lately?

    I enjoyed a visit with a good friend who moved. It was good to hang out with Joey.  I will say that I will pass on getting the car stuck again.

     I had fun last night at Karaoke with Missy, Dawn and David. It is always good to laugh.

    I want to thank everyone for their prayers for my father who was just released from CCU and my step mother Bette who is recovering from emergency surgery. I saw them both on Thursday, and now if they can just behave and slow down they may both get to go home by the end of the month.

    Jenny Hughes made a beautiful photo box for me to give to a friend. I can hardly wait to share it with you. I have to give my friend the box first, Hopefully soon!

     Until next time :)



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