Wednesday, July 18, 2012

         Those that know me...know that I am slightly crazy. Those that don't are always a little surprised to find out about my secret. I bet you are wondering what it is. I know how the imagination works...which is a great thing by the way. Now don't get excited...I am not having an affair or participating in illegal it is much more mundane and legal!
        I am legally blind, hence the title of the Blog Sightless Insight.
I wanted to keep track of my blind moments in moments of time and catalog them in humorous way. I also wanted to give others a chance to share their feelings.
        I am blessed with great friends who have been sharing this journey with me. I know it keeps them amused too! My goal is too add humor to daily life. No areas are off limits. I will also share my insights and philosophies on life in general too. Please feel free to comment or participate.
       Tomorrow I will tell you a story. Creating the Blog is enough for tonight.


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