Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heros-denial and humor

     A couple of days ago, I asked you who your heros are. I was disappointed with the number of responses that I received but I was not at all disappointed with the answers I did receive.
     Kathi Ferrall Moore said "My heroes are the missionaries serving Jesus all over the world. They sacrifice so much to spread the Good News. When we get to visit with them, either while they are on furlough or in the field, it's always exciting to hear what God has done for them with so little."
    That is a great response.
    My heros are the kids who are bullied on a regular basis who still have the courage to get up and go to school each day, even knowing the misery and torture that they will probably endure. One of my little heros is the young boy I met last month that had not one but two prosthetic legs. He was still happy and grateful to be allowed to play...the things we take for granted.
    I have another friend, who is fighting a battle with MS. She is strong! Actually she is absolutely amazing! Love ya Libs.
     Most of my heros are those that help others. There is nothing like uplifting another human being and although some have a knack at doing this, it is something that we are all capable of.
    I was on Facebook and found this post on my wall and promised to blog about it. I think there is a strong message here! I am working on it, lol.
    Another friend reminded me that technology has allowed most of us to become less personal in our relationships. Sometimes it cuts out the real conversations that we all need. For important things, face-to-face is best. We need to remember that we are all people with feelings...ok some have more than others.
     Did you know that guacomole looks alot like lettuce when it appears on a plate? Maybe it's a green thing. In closing, I will tell you that I once was a fence post but that is another story for another day.


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