Monday, July 23, 2012

Heros---who is yours?

     I have learned alot the last few days about people in general. Almost everyone I know is stronger than they think they are. When faced with sadness, heartbreak, unsurmountable challenges and even devastating losses that are unimaginable...most people will bounce back with a little time and understanding.
     These are the people that teach us life's lessons. They have the heart, determination and compassion to help others in ways they themselves do not even realize. These are the people that should be our heros, not the movie stars and celebrities.
    My life has become richer because of some of the heros I have met over the years. Many gained strength through their trials, but I grew stronger because of them.
    I could go on and on and before the week is over, I am sure I will. I want to hear about your hero's. Are they the military men and women who serve this country? Did you have a mentor? Who taught you with patience and understanding that the world is not black and white? Afterall, the most beautiful colors are shades of gray.
    Take a moment or two and tell me who your hero's are.

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