Monday, July 30, 2012

     Ok, I promised to share one of my stalker stories. I actually have two. There is only one person that I am friends with that will know about both of these stories. She shared these adventures with me. My cousin will remember the second stalker.
    For those that don't know it, I lived in Massachusetts for about 9 years, first when I was very young and then again after I turned 18.
    My first job was at The Exchange Network. I met most of my new friends there. Tracy was one of them. We began to hang out and do things. Eventually we  began a ritual of walking around the Reservoir in Lawrence, MA.  We knew approximately how many laps made a mile. It was common for us to walk and talk about the important things in life-relationships, school, work and of course food.
     As we were walking around the Res. I noticed this man was always watching us. He always stood back kind of far away. He wore this ugly...i mean extremely ugly orange hat. Sometimes I would wave...Tracy never said anything. (One of the reasons why I love her! She thought I was nuts and never said a word!)
    Those that know me well...know that I enjoy a good challenge and my God he could stand so still, even when it was cold. New England winters can be cold.
     One afternoon/evening I hollered at him and he did not even that was a little frustrating but of course that did not stop me. I walked toward him and I finally stood toe-to-toe and faced him. I think we were both speechless or at least I was. He was just mute. Our (my) stalker was a fencepost that's top was painted that nice flourescent orange that roadworkers wear. I choked that embarressment down...but oh...there were many more moments to come.
    Tracy never missed a beat and added humor to many situations. There was a time when some people believed that I could only see black and white-not sure where that came from but I loved it and it began my obcession with the realization that the most beautiful colors are different shades of gray. Only when we are small-minded are things black and white. Tracy has an open mind, beautiful spirit and a heart of gold. Now moving onto the second stalker.
    Stalker number two was real. He was an auxilary cop that I met while attending Northern Essex. I will share that story another time.

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  1. Oh my Cheryl, what a story! We all have stalker stories, unfortunately. Lucky it turned out to be a fence post in the first instant. You are very brave. I had a similar experience taking photographs in a local park, I didn't notice him for a few hours. Until I sat down to review my pictures on my digital camera, then I realized I had a photo of him. I should have gone to the police, but decided just to deal with it on my own, he followed me all afternoon and I was too scared to return to my car. I just kept the photo and showed it to my dad who had a police officer as a friend to ensure he could not do it to anyone else. He blew it up really large and held it on the police records. It was years ago, such a scary experience. Keeps your awareness up though right I always wonder why men stalk, if it just their nature or if they just have nothing better to do! It is most annoying and frightening