Tuesday, August 14, 2012

     I took a few days off from the Blog. I had a lot to think about and sometimes I like to mull things over before making any rash decisions.
     I will take up where I left off since I had so many inquiries about my stalkers, As you already know, my first stalker wore a very ugly orange hat, my second true stalker had a Hitler mustashe and was an auxiliary cop that I met in my human relations class at Northern Essex in Haverhill, MA.
    Doug seemed like a nice enough guy at first. Friendly, but not overly friendly. I never thought of him as much more than a classmate. He had made a few off-the-wall comments but he was very military and had served for several years, I believe he was still in the reserves. I knew he was approx. 9 years older than I am and that he ran 8 miles a day in a flack jacket.
   I believe he had an obsession with wearing a uniform, power and Hitler and later I learned that he was fixated with the name Cheryl.
    At first I ignored the letters and notes that he wrote, thinking he just had a hard time accepting that I did not want to go out with him. I really believed he was harmless. He was polite, sincere and hardworking...but he was also off-the-wall.
     I finally took notice when my Human Relations Instructor asked me to see him after class. We were required to keep a journal that we had to turn in...I personally felt like this was an invasions of privacy. We were graded on content...what we thought...did....felt and if  the information was personal enough. I thought he was going to lecture me on my content, afterall, unless I chose to share it what business was it of anyone else what I thought or did?
     He took me into his office and told me he was worried because another student's journal was pretty much dedicated to me...some things were nice and some he said were crazy. For ethical reasons he could not tell me what was in the journal but advised me to report it to the police and that he would share some of the journal with them.
     Of course at this point, I did not know that he was a cop and a security guard. This gave him access to information like where I lived and worked. He scared me a few times when I left work and as crazy as it sounds I really wasn't afraid of him.
    He began sending me letters telling me things like the best time he ever had was following me to a movie theatre and sitting two rows behind me...this started to creep me out. My friends, Tracy and JoAnn were already creeped out before the following began.
    When I confronted him about his behavior he was very upset. I told him to please leave me alone. The letters continued. He followed me to the store, to work, on dates and who knows what else. He called and asked me to meet him for coffee, when I refused...he threatened my family. He even began calling them.
    Then it got quiet and I thought he had given up. One evening Tracy and I were at the Feast of the Three Kings which is a street festival and out of nowhere I could hear someone running in hard sole shoes. I don't know who jumped more...me or Tracy. He just stopped and smiled and said hello.
A few days later he stopped by my house to tell me that he met someone....I was SO happy, her name was Cheryl to and apparently there had been a couple before me too. I asked him if it was serious and he said that he was serious. He asked me if I was happy for him. I told him I was so happy that I would buy the ring!

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